Online Training Courses

Due to ongoing border closures in response to COVID-19, we have temporarily scaled back much of our onsite training. But we don't want you to miss out on an opportunity to be trained and equipped!

We are offering several courses and seminars online over the next months. The three-month Further Accredited Courses are available to DTS graduates.

We are also offering online extension studies parallel to some courses. There is no DTS prerequisite to participate in these one-month modules. The modules can be done on their own or in sequence.

Healthcare and Missions Seminar
The Healthcare and Missions Seminar is designed to be a catalyst into medical missions. Whether you simply have an interest in understanding more of God's heart for the poor and needy, or are currently involved with medical missions - whatever your field may be or your background is - this seminar provides insight and understanding into the role of a Godly healthcare worker in missions.  
School of Frontier Missions
The School of Frontier Missions equips you to go to areas where Jesus is not known, whether headed to the frontiers long-term, or exploring possibilities while adding tools to your missions “toolbox.” The SOFM readies you to be a cultural and language learner who shares Him in a way people can understand in their cultural context.
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Bible Core Course 
The Bible Core Course Online is designed to give you tools to study the Bible to develop and deepen your relationship with God and share Him with others.  Using an inductive approach to study, you will gain a broad view of the Bible, as well as closely studying a number of its specific books. 
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School of Journalism
The School of Journalism Online trains godly communicators with the skills of journalism to engage readers with God’s truth. You will practise different forms of journalism, from reporting, to interviewing, to writing feature pieces, while exploring different forms of media. These can be used to creatively reach different audiences, harnessing journalism to make God known in the nations! 
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School of Missions 

The School of Missions Online is a foundational course where we explore what it means to be a modern day missionary. We study both the history and current trends of global missions, look at the heart and character of a missionary, and explore how to innovate and meet the needs of today’s modern world.

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Transformation School
The Transformation School offers practical worldview tools to see individuals and cities transformed. This course teaches you to identify, assess and change ideas that shape worldviews. The course centres on the Biblical call to "be transformed by the renewing of your mind". We explore topics such as: the Biblical view of man, critical analysis, the foundations of science, church and mission history, research, evangelism, and more.
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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Online
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages gives you practical tools and Biblical foundations for teaching English as a second language. Besides focused learning and input, you will gain experience and confidence as you teach in your individualised online practicum. This training can open opportunities all around the world! 
Free Teaching Weeks
Want to gain focused insight, but not looking to complete a module or course? Why not join us for one or more dynamic weeks of teaching by key leaders? Encounter God and examine His ways through anointed teaching. The depth and breadth of experience represented by these leaders provides richness of insight.
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Previously Offered
School of Worship
The School of Worship is a dynamic opportunity to gain effective training in worship ministry, respond to anointed teaching and explore how to use worship as a means of standing in the gap for nations and peoples. We delve into topics such as: God's character, the Biblical basis for worship, the Biblical actions of praise and worship, songwriting and musicianship, developing worship teams, worship used in intercession and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
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School of Communication
The School of Communication is designed to equip you with the communication skills needed to bring transformation to individuals, communities and areas of society. Along with the essential foundations for Biblical communication, you will gain new skills and confidence in speaking, writing and listening. This school equips you to prepare and deliver effective messages to a wide range of audiences.

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Leadership and Pioneering Seminar
The Leadership and Pioneering Seminar is a five-week intensive led by YWAM Perth founder, Peter Brownhill. This course is open to those who are currently in a leadership role and have a clear vision they seek to pioneer or further develop. The focus is value-based leadership training, and being prepared to bear fruit that will last. We look at key themes of YWAM, our history as a mission and lessons learned.