YWAM Perth News - June 16, 2023

As we move into this new chapter of what God has for us as a mission's community, we’re so grateful to see God’s faithfulness, day in and day out. He is the reason we do what we do! And there is nothing like seeing Him move in people’s lives. We’d love to share some recent stories of what God is doing. Be encouraged that these stories are part of your inheritance through your prayer and partnership. 

He is the God of hope and future.

For years YWAM Perth has been coming alongside Aboriginal elders in discipling and mentoring Aboriginal youth. Working closely with elders, we have seen God show up again and again. David Lee, a YWAM Perth staff member who has worked with Djeran Camps since 2018, shares “I was so excited to hear about such an amazing opportunity for the Aboriginal youth to get intentionally discipled and mentored. I think particularly of one young man who first came at 12 years old. He went through a lot of hardship at quite a young age, but he never seemed to let that get in the way of his relationship with God. Now he is at the age where he is being a mentor to the younger kids on camp. I am so proud of the man he has become.” 

He is the God who sees those on the margins.  

We continue to reach out to families in crisis in our city. Linda* had been in and out of hospital. She is an elderly woman and has no friends or family. On top of that, she suffers from depression and areas of addiction. Her immobility limits her ability to clean, so her house has not been in a good state. A team of our YWAM Perth staff visited her home to help with cleaning. One of the staff chatted with Linda and it turned out that her story was similar to some things the staff member had personally experienced. The staff member shared her testimony and about hearing God’s voice, and how knowing Him changed her life. She then shared the gospel and Linda replied that “It’s good it helps you, but it’s just not for me.” Linda explained about areas of sin that she felt hindered her from coming to Jesus and the staff member shared more about God’s forgiveness. Linda responded to Jesus, asking God for forgiveness and inviting Jesus to be her Lord and Saviour. Linda then asked for her own Bible. She was so encouraged after they read the Bible together and she expressed it was all so inspiring. The team is helping her connect with a local church. 

*name changed for privacy 

He is the God who shows love.

At the end of last year, a team of photojournalists from YWAM Perth collaborated with missionaries and long-term workers in Myanmar to profile their work amongst the unreached in this closed nation. Khu Gay and Dee Phaw Lay, local workers our team connected with, shared this story.   

There was a witch doctor family in a village and we loved them like family. When people got sick, they would go to the witch doctor and he helped, but when he got sick no one was around for him. He had to go to the hospital alone. At that time, we went to him and showed him love and brought him meals. He had heard about Jesus, but now he saw Jesus through us and he realised the love we had. At that time, a Bible outreach group arrived in the village and I brought them to the witch doctor. They helped him with everything he would normally do, including farming. 

He was the highest witch doctor in three villages. The whole family, with the witch doctor, accepted Jesus Christ and were baptised. We have this saying in Burmese, "When you get the leader, you get everything." He was the leader. When he accepted Jesus Christ, his brother and niece followed. 

He is the God who makes a way. 

The remote community of Jarlmadangah in the northwest of Western Australia was known for not allowing Christians in, the YWAM Broome team had heard. At one point, one of the town leaders had even chased a pastor out with a shotgun. Over the course of the last three years, the YWAM Broome team has been praying for this community and working to establish relationship there. Heather Kuhl, the leader of YWAM Broome, met an elder in another community who was from Jarlmadangah. She had seen the team serving in another community and wanted that for Jarlmadangah as well. She had prayed to Nabu (the Kimberly Kriol word for Father God). The elder wasn’t a Christian, but she had heard about Nabu, and the fact that the team were there showed that Nabu heard her. 

Over the course of a number of visits, the team built more relationships and found many ways to serve the community. Just recently, a 4WD DTS team from YWAM Perth joined with YWAM Broome to serve and support the initiatives in Jarlmadangah. A lady who had met Christ started planning with the team how to have a fellowship in Jarlmadangah. She had put up her hand to provide leadership for this initiative, but initially did not feel comfortable preaching in the service herself and asked if the team could do it. At the last minute though, she stepped forward and delivered a powerful gospel message inviting the members of her community to respond to Nabu. There was genuine response to this message which led to baptism that very day, followed by a huge community celebration. Since then, there has been such hunger to know more about Nabu that nightly Bible studies have started and the team have trained locals to facilitate them. As news of a fellowship in Jarlmadangah spread, local Christian elders were amazed that this would ever happen in a place once known for its hostility.  


We hope you are encouraged by these stories! They represent just a glimpse into what God is doing here and in the nations. We currently have teams on outreach in South Sudan, Egypt, Nepal and India. And our April quarter’s Media, Art and Photography DTS is getting ready to head to Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan soon. It’s such a joy to see God moving powerfully through the obedience of ordinary young people! 

As directors, we continue to seek God as we strengthen and build towards the future. We have been working hard on restructuring and raising up and mentoring emerging leaders. We’re excited about launching a new team-based approach to covering different aspects of ministry and community life. We trust these efforts will continue to create space for God-stories such as the ones we’ve shared here.

You can hear more about initiatives like our ongoing Bible translation work in the Kimberley, our community soccer camp for kids, or our new neighbourhood community hub on our social media.

Huge blessings,

Mariecia, Caleb and Ari


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