Empowering and restoring dignity through hairdressing skills training and makeup artistry
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Untangled seeks to show the love of God, restore dignity and value individuals through hair and makeup artistry. This includes both equipping those already qualified in this area to use their skills for God’s purposes, and offering training to those in needy communities.  

Giving vocational skills, such as hair and makeup training, to people -- especially women -- in marginal communities or economically insecure situations, helps prevent exploitation and offers valuable tools for them to provide for themselves and their families.

Starting in October 2022, Untangled is running a stream within the Refugee DTS – offering an initial opportunity for interested students to gain experience in this area, as they grow in their relationship with God. Following this DTS, Untangled will open a not-for-profit training salon in the precinct near YWAM Perth. The salon will be a space where we can provide training and reach those who need our services.

The ripples of impact can flow in many directions. We seek to empower both professional stylists and those needing job skills, influence the fashion, film and photo industry, all while we reach people in our local community one haircut at a time.

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