Precinct Engagement

"Love the Lord your God... Love your neighbour as yourself." Matthew 12:30,31
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God has positioned us intentionally within the city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Even as we serve in the nations, our aim is to foster connection and community right here as well. We’ve been located in our current precinct since 2001 and have seen it develop and gain vibrance over the years. We love being a part of this growth and vitality. We look for all kinds of ways to help in our precinct, from caring for neighbours practically to beautification and community clean-ups. 

We also engage our precinct by creating natural community gathering points, places where the people can connect in organic, meaningful ways. These ventures also serve to promote positive development in our precinct. Finance generated from these initiatives contributes towards further development of facilities used to train more missionaries. 

Cafe Leadman is a neighbourhood cafe, serving excellent coffee and thoughtful, flavourful food. The menu is eclectic, and the modern venue lends itself to conversation and connection. We love welcoming friends and neighbours to stop by for a cuppa. Cafe Leadman is very popular and consistently busy as local patrons from business, industry and government offices nearby have made it one of their favourite locations to meet and enjoy. 

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