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Opportunities for Outreach and Mission Building

Short-term opportunities to serve in Perth with or without a previous DTS
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Our Missions Builder program provides opportunities for people to be part of the Great Commission through practical service in vital areas of our missions centre. As YWAM Perth continues to grow and expand with more staff and students, vehicles, buildings and facilities, Mission Builder volunteers are a driving force behind seeing many practical projects completed. We offer people of all skill levels a chance to experience the YWAM Perth community, contributing their talents, gifts and abilities serving the practical needs of. In a large, active missions centre such as this, there is always much to be done -- from gardening, constructing, maintenance, cooking and more. Besides facilitating hands-on help and support, we offer short-term volunteers fellowship and opportunity for spiritual growth through teaching, prayer and devotional times.

Another avenue to serve through YWAM Perth short-term is by bringing teams to do outreach here. The region of Western Australia has many needs, from refugee communities in a big-city setting, to small, under-resourced Aboriginal communities in the outback. But every need also represents an opportunity to demonstrate the love of God. Therefore we rally and mobilise short-term teams to serve in Western Australia, strategically linking visiting teams with local ministries to maximise lasting impact. From partnering with local church initiatives to serving alongside YWAM Perth ministries, opportunities are matched to the skills and focus of visiting teams, enabling them to use their gifts and experience to extend God’s Kingdom. Those coming to serve short-term not only gain a greater understanding of the needs of this region, but are also further equipped for future long-term missions. 

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