School of Journalism

Starts Every: January

The School of Journalism trains and equips godly communicators with the skills of journalism so as to engage readers with God’s truth. We seek to communicate truth, honour God and engage response.

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During our lecture phase you will grow in your knowledge of God’s desire for journalism, focussing on the character of a godly writer, identity and Biblical worldview, to create a foundation for learning the different skills of journalism. Each week lectures examine topics such as: God the creator, interviewing, ethics, creative non-fiction writing, reporting, platforms of communication and media. As we move towards outreach, you will learn the practical techniques within journalism that will foster growth in your ability to write pieces that creatively and effectively reach audiences with truth.

God wants people to know who He is and what He is doing. You will grow in your understanding of God’s heart for testimonies impacting the nations, how to communicate with fear of the Lord, and develop greater intimacy in your relationship with God so as to steward your gifts and passions in communication well.

The best way to improve your writing is to do it! You will spend lecture phase practising different forms of journalism, from reporting, to interviewing, to writing feature pieces, while exploring different forms of media that can be used to creatively reach an audience. We seek to reach audiences of different demographics, and that takes knowing how to publish and operate on different platforms. You will explore how to be most effective in connecting with your readers.

We learn better together, so as part of our lecture phase we do collaborative workshops of the material that we write so we can produce the highest quality pieces. Growing in your ability to edit and produce work collaboratively will help you reach the greatest potential impact on the audience.

Our ultimate aim is to use journalism to make God known in the nations! Outreach is putting your knowledge and skills from lecture phase into practise. You and your team will go to different nations in order to serve, share who Jesus is and use journalism as a way to create connection. Throughout outreach you will take what you have learned about journalism and work to inform and inspire audiences with what is happening in the lives of the individuals, communities, and nations with whom you engage. As you serve, you will grow in tools for strategic audience engagement.

It’s a privilege to capture the stories of the nations! We aim to capture testimonies of how God is moving, representing His character, His hope and His love in stories that reveal who He is. In capturing those stories, you will see further opportunities for people to encounter Jesus. Journalism is an incredible platform for evangelism as you listen to people's stories and connect with them. These experiences will ready you to effectively use journalism in many forms in the future. 


January 10th - June 26th, 2021


Lecture Phase: AUD $3,990
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $3,500 - 6,000
(depending on location)

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Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing (CUA40118)


Completion of a Discipleship Training School

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