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School of Frontier Missions

Starts Every: October

We are taking precautionary measures in response to the COVID-19 virus, which has affected our on-site training. We are offering several further accredited training schools, including the School of Frontier Missions, online during this time. Most are available to both DTS graduates and those who have not yet completed a DTS. For more information, please see our Online Training Courses.


How will people hear the gospel unless someone shares it with them? The School of Frontier Missions equips you to serve as a frontier missionary, readying you to go to areas where Jesus is not known. That means being a cultural and language learner who shares Him in a way people can understand in their cultural context. This course will equip you no matter where you want to go as a missionary – this will get you on the field! You will learn hands-on with a multicultural team of missionaries, immediately putting into practice what you are learning.

Lectures are taught by people who are currently involved in strategic missions. You can learn first-hand from people's stories - their successes and failures - and talk with our staff and teachers who have experience in missions. We look at topics such as: disciple-making movements, unity and team dynamics, cultural adjustment and communication, intercession, pioneering and more. 

We won’t wait til the course is done to implement what we’re learning. Throughout your lecture phase, you will learn by doing evangelism, helping new believers, participating in cell churches, and getting involved in dynamic intercession. You will also start language learning, cultural studies, and experiencing different cultures. As you prepare for what God is leading you to, you have the security of working within a team of experienced frontier missionaries, but also the adventure of going yourself.

What comes next? Going into all the world and making disciples! Whether that be serving in a frontiers context for three months, a few years, or the rest of your life, there is no doubt that - not only will God move through you to bring His Kingdom into places it is desperately needed - but that you will also be changed.

Being a part of a team is important when serving in the frontiers. It is a valuable source of support, effectiveness and ministry longevity. We can help you find a team, form a team or join a team serving in the frontiers. Not only will you be reaching out to others and helping them grow in faith, on a team you will also receive continued input and encouragement to grow. Serving as part of a missionary team, you will work alongside other team members, learning, having fun, and supporting one another.

On the frontiers, instead of being a tourist, you will be diving into the culture and language of the people God calls you to. The most effective cross-cultural missionaries are those who become "belongers," integrating themselves into the communities they are reaching. This is what Jesus modelled, making Himself one of us to show us the Father. The SOFM offers you tools and experience to do this effectively. 

The SOFM provides a strong platform for serving cross-culturally, whether you know clearly you’re headed to the frontiers long-term, or you’re exploring possibilities while adding tools to your missions “toolbox.” This is a great opportunity to benefit from the years of experience represented by this course and its long track record of missionaries pioneering and serving effectively in the frontiers. Be ready to tackle the challenge of taking the gospel to the unreached! 


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Lecture Phase: AUD $3,990
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $3,500 - 6,000
(depending on location)

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