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Starts Every: July

Due to ongoing COVID-19 border restrictions, we have temporarily suspended much of our onsite training. We are offering a range of training online during this time. For more information, please see our Online Training Courses. We look forward to offering more courses onsite again as relevant restrictions are lifted.

Effective communication can spark real change. The School of Communication is designed to equip you with the communication skills needed to bring transformation to individuals, communities and areas of society. This course offers you essential foundations for Biblical communication. Through teaching, discussion, and many opportunities to put into practice what is being learned, you will gain new communication skills and strengthen those you already have. This will increase your skill and confidence in speaking, writing and listening. This school equips you to prepare and deliver effective messages to a wide range of audiences.

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This is a opportunity to be trained to communicate God’s truth into current societal issues. So often we know what we believe, but struggle to communicate it well, and as a result, we don't communicate in a relevant way. During the school, we have debates and discussions over issues like euthanasia, abortion, purity and more. We examine media resources and welcome speakers to bring context and input into topics currently in the public eye.

Throughout the school, you will focus on gaining practical skills and tools with immediate application. You will create media resources that will be used with future projects. In addition, we learn how to design, create and work in a team context. During our lecture phase, topics include: God the communicator, intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, public speaking, worldview, Bible study and more.

Just as John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus, as communicators, we have this same opportunity - to prepare the way for others to hear the message of the Kingdom. You will explore what it means to fear the Lord in your communication, how to honour and encourage, and use your words to inspire, to motivate and to be a tool for transformation.

On outreach you will use your communication skills, tools and principles to see Kingdom change and transformation in the nations. You will put your cross-cultural communication training into practice as you and your team engage with different communities. This will include many opportunities to do public speaking, presentations, advocacy, evangelism and teaching.  We seek to partner with local churches, ministries and organisations that are working in similar areas to our focus. This enhances both our effectiveness as we serve and reach, as well as strengthening their ongoing efforts.

A main feature of your outreach will be to create and implement a communication-based advocacy strategy. We believe that every person has the right to have God’s Word available to them. Part of our efforts on outreach will include a focus on ending “Bible poverty” in communities around the world. Integrated in all we do is a commitment to make God and His ways known in the nations. God’s words bring life and we seek to do the same with our communication! 

You will be equipped to effectively speak truth into all kinds of situations, preparing you further for future impact.


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Lecture Phase: AUD $3,990
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $3,500 - 6,000
(depending on location)

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