Primary Health Care School

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Primary health care is the single greatest need in the world today, aside from the sharing of the gospel. The Primary Health Care School uniquely combines primary health care and God's heart for the poor and needy. The PHC offers training in essential health care that is easily accessible and affordable for communities. This school is for anyone who has a passion for God and for helping the poor, whether you have previous healthcare training or not. Jesus wants to heal today, just as He did in the Bible, and He wants to use you to bring this healing!

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God’s desire to heal the whole person is reflected in our wide-range of topics during lecture phase. These include: diagnosis and treatment, God’s heart for the poor and needy, anatomy and physiology, essential drugs, praying for the sick, emergency response and more. Our lecture phase includes clinic practicums, where you will get hands-on practice setting up a 'clinic.' Whether it's children's checks or a general, eye or antenatal clinic, through these simulations you will practice diagnosis and treatment, pharmacy, and educating 'patients.' 

Further skills will be developed through interactive workshops to learn and practice. You'll gain confidence in skills such as checking ears with auriscopes, ear syringing, visual acuity, wound care/bandage practice and listening to lung sounds. Building on this knowledge, each week we explore the Bible and discover the ways that Jesus heals. You'll learn how you can apply this to your life and to primary healthcare ministry wherever God would lead you. 

On outreach you will put it all into practice. You will continue to grow in God's compassion for the poor and needy as you minister to their felt needs. During this cross-cultural experience in the developing world, you will have opportunities to put into practice the clinical skills and knowledge gained in lecture phase, as well as share the gospel in meaningful ways. 

Our teams will set up basic clinics where we will diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses in children and adults. Our clinics may be under a tree or in a church or school building. We go where the needs are. We will also partner with existing health works, doing children's checks, immunisations or antenatal care. This strengthens and encourages the community, as well as enhances our lasting impact. 

Health education is what changes and improves a community's level of health! We will teach and model primary health care in communities, teaching essential health messages, such as hand washing, hygiene and fever reduction. You will be able to teach people as they come to clinics, or as you get into the community and teach in a variety of settings - schools, clinics, churches - training them to teach others.

Through all of this, you will have opportunities to see many lives saved from preventable and treatable illnesses – as well as gain true life as they encounter Jesus. Ministering to the whole person is a vital part of the community's health. You will actively share the gospel and pray for the sick as you care for their essential physical needs. As a primary healthcare worker in missions you have the privilege of carrying with you the power of God to transform!


January 7th - June 22nd, 2024


Lecture Phase Tuition Fee: AUD $2,620
Lecture Phase Non-Tuition Fee: AUD $1,420
(Non-tuition fee includes registration, accommodation, administration, and resources)
Outreach Fee: AUD $4,000 - 6,000
(depending on location)

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