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Missions Equip Seminar

Your healthcare skills are needed in the nations! The Missions Equip Seminar encourages a holistic approach to health care and enables medical professionals to apply God’s solutions and strategies to meet needs in the nations. We recognise that meeting someone's physical needs only solves part of the problem. This three week seminar helps you discover how you as a Christian medical worker can bring true holistic health to individuals and communities. You can combine skill and faith, and see God move!

Week 1 – Dr Sujai Suneetha: What is it like to be a medical missionary in the developing world?

Dr Suneetha from Hyderabad, India, is an accomplished doctor in the area of leprosy and HIV/AIDS, having received many awards from the Indian government. He left a well-paid job and began a clinic in his home for those who were suffering from HIV/AIDS. Today his clinic sees over 1,000 patients per week. 

Week 2 - Peter Brownhill: Healing power of God, power evangelism, faith and deeds

Peter is the founder of YWAM Perth. This week focuses on prayer and the ways of God in healing the sick, challenging us not to limit ourselves to just our own skills. 

Week 3  - Shirley Brownhill: Leadership of the Holy Spirit; Servant Leadership; Unity and Community Approach

Shirley is the director of YWAM Perth. This week examines the the role of the Holy Spirit in addressing needs and adopting a Christ-like approach to care.  


Dates: Please contact us for next school dates.

Course Fees: TBC

Prerequisites: There is no DTS prerequisite for this seminar. It is open to all medical professionals. 

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