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Biblical Mandate for Healthcare and Missions Seminar Online

God desires to bring health and healing to communities! Through Scripture, stories of missions experience and practical insight, this seminar will impart God’s dreams and desires for healthcare and missions. This seminar offers you a unique opportunity for input from international medical missionaries with decades of experience in both urban and rural settings. They will engage with you personally through times of teaching, group discussion, and time for questions along the way.

Topics include: the Biblical basis for healthcare; global needs in medical missions; prayer, the prophetic, and healthcare in missions; and the Great Commission and medical missions. 

This seminar includes 12-14 hours of teaching per week. You have the opportunity to receive two Online Extension Studies (OES) credits through the University of the Nations, as well as one optional credit through homework assignments and discussion. 


Dates: August 3 - August 28, 2020

Course Fees: AUD $400, includes AUD $30 Registration Fee + $100 Deposit

Prerequisites: None 

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