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Foundations in Education - Online

Teaching has great influence. But what are we influencing people with? As Christians, we want to teach from a Biblical worldview, no matter the subject or audience - but what does that look like? In the Foundations for Education Online, we explore these questions. Students who are already in Australia can join us for onsite training, immersed in our international missions community.

We are called to make disciples of all nations and all ages. In this course, you will learn communication and teaching skills that will help you to disciple more effectively and gain an understanding of God's view of education and training.

Whether you are new to this area or have been training people for years, this course offers fresh insight and inspiration to impact the world through education. What you learn can be applied in a school classroom, church, children or youth ministry, homeschool or any other setting that involves training and equipping others.

Lecture topics include: Biblical philosophy of education, child development, serving those with special needs, the role of education in community development, creating a God-centred curriculum,  educational wounding and more. Our aim is to place God in the centre of the education process, and let the Bible be the foundation for what and how we teach, no matter the subject or audience.


Dates: May 9 - July 29, 2022

Course Fees: AUD $1,200, includes AUD $30 Registration Fee + $100 Deposit

Prerequisites: Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School



Can’t do the full three months? Or haven’t completed a DTS yet? We are offering parallel extension studies alongside of our Foundations in Education Online. You’ll get access to the same great teaching as the full course, as well as opportunities for further learning. These one-month modules can be undertaken individually or in sequence.

You can earn Online Extension Study Credits (OES credits) with the University of the Nations per completed module. Please enquire for more details.

Module A God's Heart for Education

Module B - Philosophy of Education

Module C Reaching the Nations With Education


Cost: AUD $400 per module for Module A and B, AUD $300 for Module C - cost includes AUD $30 Registration Fee + $100 Deposit

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required to undertake these courses.

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