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Starts Every: April

Due to ongoing COVID-19 border restrictions, we have temporarily suspended much of our onsite training. We are offering a range of training online during this time. For more information, please see our Online Training Courses. We look forward to offering more courses onsite again as relevant restrictions are lifted.


Children are the most vulnerable group in any society, and yet they also represents its future. The Children At Risk School offers a foundation to disciple and train current and future generations for God’s purposes. We focus specifically on those who have been placed at risk due to factors such as war, disease, disability, poverty, exploitation, abandonment, and other forms of injustice. On the CRS you gain an overview of the needs of children at risk around the world and are equipped to help address them.

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You will receive focussed instruction on issues relating to vulnerable children, such as child development, trauma, God’s nature and character as mother and father, and other related topics. This helps equip you to be an advocate and see lasting change and true transformation in children's lives and communities - wherever God calls you.

Our lecture phase in Perth includes not just classroom teaching, but immediate opportunities to implement what you learn. The CRS includes an allocated time each week to serve our local community in Perth and its families and children. This, in turn, can spark transformation. Each week builds on the last, as we see growing change in their circumstances. 

The lecture phase also includes an in-depth research project, providing the opportunity for you to delve into key issues of interest to you and areas of great need. For instance, what is happening with child soldiers? What does God say about abortion? Where and how is HIV/AIDS affecting communities at large? What is our role in addressing these issues and who can we come alongside? This approach to research and strategy prepares you both for outreach and future ministry. 

On outreach we put into practice our new-found skills in relevant field settings. Coaching continues as long-term workers and school staff work closely with you in areas such as assessment, intervention, counselling, teaching and evangelistic programs. As we serve on outreach, we partner with communities to create and implement programs designed to address issues related to children at risk. 

We will strategically concentrate our efforts with a range of approaches tailored to the specific needs of each community we serve. The gospel and the application of God’s principles and are all shared as we reach children, families and their communities through seminars, after-school programs, community events and more.

Encountering God transforms children, their families and communities. The skills you gain and your experiences implementing them will equip you to serve children at risk throughout the world.  


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Lecture Phase: AUD $3,990
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $3,500 - 6,000
(depending on location)

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