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Community Development School - Online

Starts Every: July

God desires to bring abundant life physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. On the Community Development School you will be equipped to partner with communities of all kinds to see them move towards the fullness of life that God intends.

If you are unable to join us for onsite training, consider joining us online!

From rural to urban settings, slums to refugee camps, we seek to bring about Biblical transformation. You will learn how to be an agent of Kingdom change in communities around the world, bringing God's love to those in need.

You will gain a clearer understanding of God's intentions for communities, and how what people think, value and believe impacts societies. Topics include: Biblical worldview, community assessment and project planning, environmental stewardship, dynamics of development and more. As we explore all of this, you will learn from experienced community development workers seeing transformation in nations across the world.

For onsite training, your lecture phase is followed by 11 weeks of outreach, implementing what you're learning. We don't come with humanitarian solutions, but rather to introduce people to the Source of all love and wisdom. Without God changing people's hearts, development is limited. And without the work of the Holy Spirit in a community, our efforts are one-dimensional and will not have the transformational impact God desires. Learning how to facilitate this more effectively readies you to partner in the future with communities all over world. God wants to bring the abundant life of His Kingdom through you! 


Dates: Please contact us for next school dates.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School



Can’t do the full three months of lectures? Or haven’t completed a DTS yet? We are offering parallel extension studies alongside of our Community Development School. You’ll get online access to the same great teaching as the full course, as well as opportunities for further learning. Module A may be done on its own, however Module B and C require that you first complete Module A to gain the necessary context.

You can earn Online Extension Study Credits (OES credits) with the University of the Nations per completed module. Please enquire for more details.

Module A Biblical Worldview and Development

Module B Principles and Practices of Development

Module C Global Issues Affecting Development


Prerequisites: No prerequisites required to undertake these courses.

Enquire For More Information

Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions, or would like to have more information. Our staff will respond to you soon.