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Bible Core Course - Online

The Bible Core Course Online is designed to give you tools to study the Bible to develop and deepen your relationship with God and share Him with others. You will gain a broad view of the Bible, as well as closely studying a number of its specific books. 

We use an inductive Bible study approach, an investigative process that uses four basic steps: observation, interpretation, application, and proclamation. It helps you understand the authors’ original meaning for their intended audience, as well as reawakening your imagination through the Holy Spirit. You will also learn how to teach, preach, lead small-group Bible studies, and be mobilised into areas where Bible training is needed. Ultimately our aim is to develop as fully-devoted disciples with tools to help fulfil the Great Commission. 

This course includes approximately 12 to 14 hours of teaching per week, plus further time for homework, projects and small group meetings. This course earns you 12 credits with the University of the Nations.

Dates: Please contact us for next school dates.

Course Fees: AUD $1,200, includes AUD $30 Registration Fee + $100 Deposit; students will also need to purchase a few other resources themselves

Prerequisites: Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School




Can’t do the full three months? Or haven’t completed a DTS yet? We are offering parallel extension studies alongside of our Bible Core Course Online. You’ll get access to the same great teaching as the full course, as well as opportunities for further learning. These modules can be undertaken individually or in sequence.

Each module includes a total of over 30 hours of learning. You can earn one Online Extension Study Credits (OES credits) with the University of the Nations per completed module.

Module A - Journey of Faith - New Testament

(Acts, John, 1 Peter; how to facilitate small group Bible study)

Module B - Going Deeper - New Testament

(Romans, Hebrews, Revelation)

Module C - Exploring the Old Testament

(Genesis, Esther, 1 and 2 Kings, Jeremiah; how to teach)



Module A AUD $300

Module B AUD $300

Module C AUD$400

(includes AUD $30 Registration Fee + $100 Deposit)

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required to undertake these courses.

Enquire For More Information

Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions, or would like to have more information. Our staff will respond to you soon.