Art Evangelists School

Starts Every: April

Due to ongoing COVID-19 border restrictions, we have temporarily suspended much of our onsite training. We are offering a range of training online during this time. For more information, please see our Online Training Courses. We look forward to offering more courses onsite again as relevant restrictions are lifted.

Visual arts are a powerful way to communicate, connect and proclaim. The Art Evangelists School is an opportunity to be trained to look at the world with God's eyes and bring His restorative plan for beauty to life. As you go deeper in your relationship with God, you gain a greater understanding of how you as an artist can show Him to the world. High levels of skill in art are not required for this course, just a willingness to let God teach you new things. Your new tools and deepened perspective will help launch you into whatever arena God calls you to influence in the future.

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The AES pushes you to grow your skills in different properties and mediums of visual art. Weekly sketches, workshops, exercises, and class projects provide a solid platform to push forward in hand control, as well as concept and composition. Our 12 weeks of lectures in Perth cover topics such as: Holy Spirit and the design process, urban and graffiti art, drawing and watercolour, worldview of the arts, evangelism and more. 

Our desire is to glorify God, not only in the purposes of artwork, but also in excellence. We strongly believe that loving others and communicating God’s love is far more important than the art itself. The emphasis of the AES will always be on evangelism. Using your gifts to serve others is one way you can build relationship and make God known. As artists we’re active in our community engagement. During your lecture phase, there are regular outings to create in the streets, check out local artists and art pieces, gather inspiration and share the gospel. 

Art is a powerful tool for communicating His love. It goes beyond barriers and can be used with any group of people. On outreach, you will use the skills you learned during your lecture phase such as sketching, watercolour and painting to share God’s love. Fuelled by a new understanding of God's heart for restoring beauty in the world, you will see lives transformed as you use your gifts to bless others and glorify God. Engaging with people in communities, drawing portraits, working alongside churches, teaching individuals how to use art, painting murals in places that have no visual art at all – there are endless ways to use art to reach the nations! 

Meaningful connection can be sparked by art in unique ways. Taking time to draw someone’s portrait expresses their value and gives you opportunity to encourage them. Creating a mural along with locals, using beautifying imagery in accessible places, can return dignity to communities, as well as create new relationships. As we look for opportunities to put up exhibitions, we can create inviting spaces for the surrounding community. This gives us a platform to engage people, as well as to honour the culture where the exhibition is held. The artwork can be presented in a setting that sparks discussion, creates evangelism opportunities, and fosters community. People come to life as they encounter their Creator! 

Through it all - as you use a wide range of artistic mediums, as you serve others and share God’s love through your work - you will discover more of what it means to be a godly artist. These experiences help ready you to use your gifts powerfully for His purposes, wherever He leads you. 


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Lecture Phase: AUD $4,190
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $3,500 - 6,000
(depending on location)

This course is Austudy approved, and government financial aid may be available. See our FAQ page for more information.

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CUA41320 Certificate IV in Visual Arts


Completion of a Discipleship Training School

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