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Starts Every: July

In response to COVID-19 restriction, we’ve had to temporarily scale back from the 20+ DTSes we usually run each year. Read more about our usual range here or find out about our upcoming October 2021 DTS and January 2022 DTS!

Unleash your full potential through growing in relationship with God as you dive deep into six months of intensive discipleship. Harness the love of sport to bridge language and cultural barriers, to build relationships and open the door to preach the gospel.  

We start out with three months at our mission centre in Perth. We’ll focus on topics like hearing God’s voice, evangelism, spiritual authority and missions. We will learn how to apply truth though lectures, small groups, urban outreach, intercession and amazing times of worship and getting out together to engage in a variety of sports. We will get involved in our local community through different sport initiatives, while also learning how to share the gospel on the streets of Perth. 

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We push our limits on outreach the next three months, tackling the challenge of bringing the gospel to the nations. It may take you to a soccer match on a small field in a cramped slum, basketball in one of the megacities within the Indian Ocean Gateway, or volleyball in a remote mountain village. 

Wherever we go, we put what we’ve learned into practice as we preach the gospel and meet practical needs. We’ll use the tool of sport to serve, build relationships and share the love of Jesus with the people and communities we meet. The goal is that the lost will know Jesus and His ways will be known. 

We finish up with a week back in Perth, sharing the stories of the amazing things God has done and looking ahead to what He has next. We’re convinced life is not a spectator sport – God has a place for you in His purposes!


A DTS opens doors to all kinds of training and missions opportunities! We invite you to get further training at YWAM Perth through courses such as our School of Evangelism, or join staff to continue the journey of serving Jesus in the nations with an initiative like our Sports Ministry. For further exploration of what YWAM Perth offers, start here:  Build Your Vision (under construction)


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Lecture Phase Tuition Fee: AUD $2,290
Lecture Phase Non-Tuition Fee: AUD $1,520
(Non-tuition fee includes registration, accommodation, administration, and resources)
Outreach Fee: AUD $3,000 - 5,000
(depending on location)

This course is Austudy approved, and government financial aid may be available. See our FAQ page for more information.

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10802NAT Certificate III in Discipleship




Hearing God's Voice

Nature and Character of God

Repentance and Forgiveness

Worship and Intercession


Making Jesus Lord

Spiritual Authority

Fear of the Lord


Understanding our Spiritual Reality

Father Heart of God


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There was a large park close to where our team was staying and we went there almost on a daily basis to play sports and build relationships with people in the community. During our trips to the park we began to recognise we were meeting a lot of refugees who were from Middle Eastern countries. They had escaped violence and were living in the country where we were while they tried to gain citizenship elsewhere. There were three men that were very interested in learning more about Jesus and had heard more about Christianity since they had come as refugees. We began having Bible studies with them and taught them more about the forgiveness, hope, and direction that Jesus brings into our lives. As we built relationship with these men, we were able to introduce them to a long-term missionary in their area who they could continue the Bible study with. Later, we learned that one of the men we had discipled decided to get baptised and all of them stayed connected with the missionary we had introduced them to. I could see that even in the same circumstances, our friends had new hope and refreshed joy because they had a better understanding of Jesus and His love and purpose for them! 

Tim , USA

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