Young People's DTS

Starts Every: January

In response to COVID-19 restriction, we’ve had to temporarily scale back from the 20+ DTSes we usually run each year. Read more about our usual range here or find out about our upcoming October 2021 DTS and January 2022 DTS!

You are created by God with potential to change the course of history. Jesus wants to rewrite the story of this generation - to rise up to be people dedicated to Him and dedicated to following Him completely. 

The Young People’s DTS is six months of adventure and challenge as we seek to know God with authenticity and then take his truth to those who have never heard. This DTS is full of young people aged 17-25 who love Jesus, pursuing Him to know Him and to follow Him with whole-hearted commitment. For 12 weeks of “lecture phase” we come together to learn from experienced, anointed teachers. Discipleship and growth will also come through living in the large community of YWAM Perth, small group times, intercession, evangelism and other forms of engagement. 

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YPDTS is high-energy, full speed and fired up. As we passionately pursue knowing Jesus together, a burning desire develops to share His love with others. While in Perth and then fully for the second three month phase on outreach, we will take the gospel to the slums, remote villages, homes, communities and people who don’t yet know Him, but desperately need to. 

We’ll meet back in Perth at the end of DTS to tell the amazing stories of what God has done, ready to continue a life-long journey with Jesus, equipped with a foundation of holiness, love and identity.


A DTS opens doors to all kinds of training and missions opportunities! We invite you to get further training at YWAM Perth through courses such as our Bible Core Course, or join staff to continue the journey of serving Jesus in the nations with an initiative like our Revive ministry. For further exploration of what YWAM Perth offers, start here:  Build Your Vision (under construction)


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Lecture Phase Tuition Fee: AUD $2,290
Lecture Phase Non-Tuition Fee: AUD $1,320
(Non-tuition fee includes registration, accommodation, administration, and resources)
Outreach Fee: AUD $3,000 - 5,000
(depending on location)

This course is Austudy approved, and government financial aid may be available. See our FAQ page for more information.

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10802NAT Certificate III in Discipleship




Hearing God's Voice

Nature and Character of God

Repentance and Forgiveness

Worship and Intercession


Making Jesus Lord

Spiritual Authority

Fear of the Lord


Understanding our Spiritual Reality

Father Heart of God


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I was doing evangelism on outreach with my teammate. We started by praying for God to lead us somewhere. I got the colour red, so we travelled to a nearby red sign. We didn't hear anything after that, so we went to the next red sign. About twenty five metres away from where we now were was a man with a red plastic bag. We thought hey, colour red, homeless man with a red bag, let's do it. So we went over there and talked with him. Turns out he believed in Christ, but wasn't a Christian, so we led him to God! While we were talking with this man, a few people watched on. They didn't understand why we were 'wasting our time' with the homeless man. One of them was very curious, so we shared with him why and eventually got to the gospel. He wanted to accept Christ too! It was so cool that what started off with the colour red ended up with two salvations that day!

Colton, Canada

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