2021 January DTS

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Join us for our 2021 January DTS! 

DTS - Discipleship Training School - is the heartbeat of Youth With A Mission. We are passionate about mobilising this generation, seeing young people encounter God and dive into His purposes.

DTS is a time like no other to focus on wholehearted pursuit of God, hearing His voice, taking on the challenge of walking in His footsteps. Over the last months, we’ve had to temporarily scale back from the 20+ DTSes we usually run each year, as Western Australia’s been impacted by coronavirus. But during this time, we’re convinced that God’s been stirring something up, readying a new surge of young people eager to follow Him off the map. 

This is your moment.

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Our January DTS starts out with twelve weeks of focused discipleship in our missions community. You’ll tackle different topics every week, applying what you learn - grappling with it, walking it out - not just getting information. You’ll be learning and growing in lots more ways than just in the classroom. Worship, helping practically, serving in the community, times to process in small groups or one-on-one, or just hanging out - it’s all part of it.  

The second half of DTS is all about taking what you’ve learned and putting it into action as you serve others. Now, more than ever, the world needs to see people genuinely following Jesus, demonstrating His love and mercy. You and your DTS team will get out into communities around Western Australia, diving into what God is doing. With everything going on over the last months, there’s been a growing openness and hunger for truth and connection. And God wants to meet people - through you! So we’ll serve, care and share where there is need. We’ll wrap up with a week back in Perth, reconnecting and getting ready for all God has next. 

After having to put our onsite training on pause, things are opening up again and we can’t wait for January! That having been said, make sure you look into any travel exemptions or quarantine guidelines relevant to coming to Perth from your location.

Let’s do this!


January 10th - June 26th, 2021


Lecture Phase: AUD $3,610
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $3,500 - 6,000
(depending on location)

This course is Austudy approved, and government financial aid may be available. See our FAQ page for more information.

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Certificate III in Discipleship (10802NAT)




Hearing God's Voice

Nature and Character of God

Repentance and Forgiveness

Worship and Intercession


Making Jesus Lord

Spiritual Authority

Fear of the Lord


Understanding our Spiritual Reality

Father Heart of God



While traveling around Western Australia, we met a woman who had grown up going to church, but had since stopped going. During our visit to her small mining town, God spoke to her through our testimonies, a message that we shared at the church, and a Bible study we had at her house, all confirming that He was real and cared for her. The next day when we came back, she was so excited that she wanted to give her life to God and commit to walking with Him. She was overflowing with joy and excitement, and couldn't stop sharing about what God had done! He is moving powerfully in Western Australia, wanting to touch every individual, family, and community.

Phoebe, USA


As we were in Geraldton, we got to meet up with someone who had done a DTS in Perth the year before. Through this we really got to see how DTS works! We could see one person that had been changed through doing a DTS and then going back to their own community and then using it to influence the place that they are from. We got to partner with this person on a prayer walk in the city together with 8 other people from the community that this person had invited to pray together. How amazing that we could be 14 young people walking the streets in Geraldton praying together for this city!

Ola, Norway

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