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Starts Every: July

In response to COVID-19 restriction, we’ve had to temporarily scale back from the 20+ DTSes we usually run each year. Read more about our usual range here or find out about our upcoming October 2021 DTS and January 2022 DTS!

Innovate! Create! Discover the Creator who is active, speaking and wants to use you to bring His love and glory to the nations. From preaching the gospel, to helping those who need clean water, nutrition, and better living conditions, you get discipled while being equipped to be a part of seeing developing communities transformed.

The Discipleship Training School is six months of life-changing teaching, application and outreach, where we explore the character of God, His lordship, spiritual authority, missions, evangelism and many other topics.  We learn to apply these truths to our lives and are given vital opportunities to do so. The first three months take place at the vibrant YWAM Perth community, where the Innovate DTS partners with the Appropriate Technology ministry. Students will get to see, work with and learn about the exciting technology this ministry has developed or adapted, and then multiplied into many developing communities in Asia and Africa.

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During the outreach phase, the Innovate DTS, together with the Appropriate Technology ministry, serves impoverished communities. We help them through developing, building and teaching different technological solutions to problems like unclean water, sanitation, malnutrition, waste disposal and more. We use technology such as biosand water filtration, tower and keyhole gardens, composting toilets and more.  Teams will live and work within these communities, building relationships, helping them utilise technology to improve their living conditions, and seeing the lost come to Christ through evangelism. This collaboration between ministry and DTS gives you an amazing opportunity to engage in serving “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40) in the Indian Ocean Gateway region.

We’ll wrap up with a week back in Perth, sharing the miraculous stories of all God has done and getting ready for what He has next.

A DTS opens doors to all kinds of training and missions opportunities! We invite you to get further training at YWAM Perth after your DTS through courses such as our Community Development School or you may want to work further with Appropriate Technology. For further exploration of what YWAM Perth offers, start here: Build Your Vision (under construction):


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Lecture Phase Tuition Fee: AUD $2,290
Lecture Phase Non-Tuition Fee: AUD $1,320
(Non-tuition fee includes registration, accommodation, administration, and resources)
Outreach Fee: AUD $3,000 - 5,000
(depending on location)

This course is Austudy approved, and government financial aid may be available. See our FAQ page for more information.

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10802NAT Certificate III in Discipleship




Hearing God's Voice

Nature and Character of God

Repentance and Forgiveness

Worship and Intercession


Making Jesus Lord

Spiritual Authority

Fear of the Lord


Understanding our Spiritual Reality

Father Heart of God


While we were in a community on the edge of a major city in India, the DTS team that I was with was able to provide training in water filtration. Before going on outreach we were shown how to make Biosand water filters that used materials available to the local community. They are really easy to make and not overly technical. One of the other great things is that while we were helping with making them, we got to share the Gospel openly in a place that rarely, if ever, had heard it before. During our time out in the community, we got to go to other places around and teach the water filter in five or six locations. Six months later I was able to hear a report back from the local contact that we worked with. He said that families were coming together to get the necessary supplies to make filters, and the people we helped trained were now making them for the community - already making more than 100. He also said that he had been able to share it with local government and that they got behind the easy and simple way to provide clean water to their people and they wanted to build 1,000 more by the end of that year. It was great to see the practical and spiritual working together.
Chris, USA
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