Community Health Development School

Starts Every: April

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God’s ways bring abundant life to communities. The Community Health Development School is designed to help you see a community through God's eyes and gain tools to implement lasting change. This school equips you to recognise and address needs, as well as strengthen what already exists. Whether it's facilitating a community-based health course, or coming alongside current health facilities to give encouragement, you will learn how to best see communities flourish.

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On your lecture phase you’ll hear from teachers with years of field experience, as they pass on tools for sustainable development. Lectures equip you to be led by the Holy Spirit in approaching health challenges. Together with your classmates, you'll look into the health issues that burden a society. Topics include: community components and health determinants, infectious and chronic diseases, community nutrition, Kingdom of God values, strategic planning and cross-cultural sensitivity.

A community may know what they need, but they may need help to see a solution for it. The Holy Spirit always has the answer! You will learn how to ask the right questions and gather information as you research that will define the needs that they feel, as well as reveal the strengths they have. Prayer walking and spiritual mapping also contribute towards creating a strategic approach, addressing both physical and spiritual needs. You will then write and present a proposal for change that will inspire hope and ownership. 

There's so much that affects the health of a community beyond simply the health issues themselves. Factors such as stress, addictions, access to health care, transportation and social issues have a massive impact on the health of an individual, and therefore on the community. You will learn to recognise these social health determinants, identifying the gaps, and discovering the 'why' behind visible symptoms. You will then use this information to support existing community projects. 

On outreach you and your team will implement what you’ve learned, focussing on transforming a community's healthcare through Kingdom partnership. We will travel to an outreach location, immersing ourselves in local life. You will get to know the community and their culture. This is an intentional time of pursuing relationships with locals, government bodies, health facilities, churches and other influential people. You will draw out resources that are already in the community and help them work together, cultivating ownership of sustainable development goals.

You will implement what you learned during lecture phase, using your abilities to assess and research the strengths and needs of the community, while hearing from God and putting His strategy into action. As we engage the community, we build trust, learn the culture, share the gospel and influence through relationship. Together in partnership with the community, we establish goals and implement a plan, which they can own, activate and carry on after we leave. Taking the approach of partnership affirms dignity, gives ownership and sets the stage for ongoing growth and development. Communities move towards spiritual and physical health as they encounter God and His ways! 

Learning and implementing this process prepares you to help bring health and life to communities wherever God would lead.


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Lecture Phase: AUD $3,990
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $3,500 - 6,000
(depending on location)

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