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Communication and Cross-Cultural Engagement School

Starts Every: October

This course is a great opportunity to improve our communication and prepare for YWAM ministry or training in a cross-cultural environment, whether we’ve done DTS already or will in the future. It is designed for those who have a first language other than the target language, love God and have a call to missions.

Together, we develop and grow in our target language skills and godly character so that we can have confidence to speak the target language and go on to other training schools and ministries within YWAM. As we do so, we continue to grow in our love for God and in our relationship with Him.

The emphasis is on speaking, pronunciation and listening skills. Grammar, reading and writing skills are also addressed. We look at the target language in the context of missions, addressing Biblical and missions language which helps prepare us to live in a missions environment. Our topics include: Aussie culture, our YWAM roots, evangelism, culture shock, mercy ministries, faith and finance and more. 

Learning a target language may seem isolating, but we are not in this alone! Throughout this course, we have many opportunities to develop new relationships. As we live and learn together, we develop friendships with the people we live and learn with. We will get to know one another at the meal table, in the classroom, in the city of Perth and more.

A textbook isn’t enough for effective learning. This course includes lots of fun learning opportunities. We experience many ways to grow in the target language and develop skills to live cross-culturally. Learning opportunities are varied, including conversation times, skill development activities and informal learning in a home environment.

As we grow in our target language, we also seek to grow in our character and relationship with God. During the course we have regular opportunities for individual input from school staff. We meet regularly together for discipleship and for help with language learning and adapting cross-culturally. This course can provide a great platform for confidently using our target language as we serve in missions together!


October 4th - December 26th, 2020


Lecture Phase: AUD $2,945
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $no outreach
(depending on location)

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