The Great Commission is for every Christian - each person has a part to play in bringing God's restoration to the nations.

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YWAM Training is called to “Know God and Make Him Known.” Through our training, we offer practical tools to equip you for what God is calling you to.  Our entry course – a Discipleship Training School is built upon knowing God – personal relationship with God and others and “making Him Known” – going locally and overseas.

From there, you can go on to choose the specific training or missions experience you need to ready yourself for what’s next. Don’t know what that is yet? Doing a DTS can be a great step in your discovery process!

Each calling is different – with this in mind, our modular approach to training means you can choose just the courses and field-experience you need to do what God is preparing you to do. 

All our training is field-driven, going beyond just theory to hands-on experience and practical application. “Do first, then teach” is one of our Foundational Values, so on every course you’ll learn from experienced missionaries and leaders – practitioners in their field. Our field-first approach gives first-hand understanding of what the current needs are in the nations, which helps inform us of additional course work to add for the specific locations we go to.

Our holistic approach to training is grounded in Matt 22:37 (NLT) where Jesus said “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” We recognise that information-based training is not enough, but with a growing Christ-like character, the learner develops wisdom and influence to serve the individual or community in need. 

Our further accredited training happens in the context of YWAM Perth’s vibrant missions community, with a field assignment in Australia or overseas. Lecture phase will include, not only classroom learning, but hands-on serving, small-group times, personal discipleship, worship, prayer, evangelism and more. 

Need help deciding what courses will get you where you want to go? Our Training and Development Team is ready to help you put together a customised training and ministry package to get you there.

Art Evangelists School

Bring beauty and transformation to the world through visual arts

Bible Core Course

Integrating the Word of God and the Spirit of God into all parts of life, ministry, and calling

Bible School for the Nations

Mobilising people to effectively disciple nations

Birth Attendant School

Training missionary birth attendants for the nations

Children at Risk School

Equipping workers to effectively impact children in difficult circumstances

Communication and Cross-Cultural Engagement School

Learning communication skills and principles to live in a multicultural missions community

Community Development School

Discover God’s heart for communities and how the Kingdom of God operates in them

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Community Health Development School

Implementing the ways of God for healthy communities

Film Production School

Films that bring life

Foundations for Counselling Ministry

That the lost may be found and the found may be whole

Foundations in Education

Discovering and implementing God’s intentions for education

Leadership and Pioneering Seminar

Fuelling leadership for missions innovation

Masters of Music and Worship

Training for a life of music and worship

Medical Missions School

Medical professionals fuelled by God’s heart for the nations

Primary Health Care School

Bringing God’s hope and healing to the nations

School of Communication

Communicate the Kingdom of God with passion and excellence, across a table or across a nation

School of Evangelism

Discover, refine and grow practical evangelism and church establishment skills

School of Frontier Missions

Trained to go to where people have not heard of Jesus

School of Journalism

Using journalism to communicate truth to the nations

School of Worship

Declaring His glory among the nations

Transformation School

Practical worldview tools to see individuals and cities transformed

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Course Accreditation with Australia

The various bodies that provide the framework for education in Australia establish standards which seek to ensure that students are effectively equipped and appropriately cared for. YWAM Training Perth is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver accredited courses to Australian and overseas students and, as such, operates in accordance with those high standards for provision of training and assessment.

YWAM Training Perth is a registered training organisation within Australia and many of the courses offered by us are recognised by Australian education authorities under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The qualifications gained from successfully completing these courses currently include Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma levels. Please check the details of the course you are interested in to confirm if it is so recognised and at what level.

YWAM Training Perth is affiliated with YWAM's international network of tertiary level education/training known in most countries as the University of the Nations (UofN). The University of the Nations is not, however, registered or accredited as a university in Australia. Training completed at YWAM Perth may provide credit toward degrees with the UofN. Enquiries about degrees must be made directly to the UofN through their website - https://uofn.edu/.