Revive DTS

Starts Every: April

Go deeper in your relationship with God and discover His love for those on the edges of society. God wants to use us to come alongside the marginalised, bringing hope, dignity and purpose.

The Revive DTS is an opportunity to pursue a closer relationship with God that impacts all areas of your life. 

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We start with 12 weeks of training in our missions community in Perth, focused on topics like hearing God’s voice, worship, evangelism and relationships. Learning happens not just in a class setting, but in small group discussion, serving the community, sharing the gospel and more. We’ll also be equipped through weekly workshops to reach youth at risk, such as Aboriginal Australians, street youth, and refugees. We look at issues such as protective factors, processing trauma, advocacy, and engaging youth through meaningful activity such as sports, art therapy principles, and education.

It all comes together as we head into the nations for outreach. As we encounter God, we are equipped to minister to the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of youth on the edges of society. This may take us to work regionally amongst Aboriginal Australian youth in Western Australia, or internationally, coming alongside refugees or urban street youth. At the heart of outreach is reaching others with a message of hope through knowing Jesus. We will engage with people through many forms of mercy ministry, teaching, and evangelism. Communities and individuals are restored as they experience God’s love first hand. 

We’ll wrap up with a week back in Perth, sharing the stories of the lives God has touched and the miracles He has done. We discover more of our purpose in the context of His global purposes!


A DTS opens doors to all kinds of training and missions opportunities! We invite you to get further training at YWAM Perth through courses such as our Children At Risk school, or join staff to continue the journey of serving Jesus in the nations with an initiative like Revive ministry. For further exploration of what YWAM Perth offers, start here: Build Your Vision (under construction)


April 5th - September 19th, 2020


Lecture Phase: AUD $3,710
(plus visa and health insurance)
Outreach Phase: AUD $3,500 - 6,000
(depending on location)

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Certificate III in Active Volunteering (CHC34015)




Hearing God's Voice

Nature and Character of God

Repentance and Forgiveness

Worship and Intercession


Making Jesus Lord

Spiritual Authority

Fear of the Lord


Understanding our Spiritual Reality

Father Heart of God


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God heals! During a time of evangelism in a remote Aboriginal community, a DTS student and I were talking to an Aboriginal couple. Sitting on their front porch, we talked about friendship with God. The couple shared that they used to be close to God and had walked away from Him. They really wanted to come back to God but didn’t know how. I felt to ask if there was any physical pain that they needed healing for and the man had a work injury which caused pain in his arm. His mobility was so limited that he couldn’t lift his arm above his head. The first time we prayed for his arm, he said that it felt a little better but there was still pain and limited movement. We prayed again and Holy Spirit moved! The man said that he could feel the presence of God. He lifted his shoulder all the way above his head, completely pain free, and began to repeatedly say “Praise the Lord!”  Through this healing we were able to share about how God was pursuing this couple and wanted them to return to Him. God heals, answers prayers, and never stops reaching out to His children!

Nicci, USA

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